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Ms. McTague

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Reading / English / Writing / Word Study / Science

Welcome to fourth grade! I teach Reading, Writing, English, Word Study, and Science. Each nine weeks a test is given for Science and Reading, covering all that has been learned at that point to monitor the students progress and to determine what areas need to be covered in more depth.

It is very important that your child read each night to become more fluent in their reading, to expand their skills at decoding words they do not know, and to practice using context clues to figure out the meaning of an unknown word. Reading each night will be a part of thier daily homework, but it would benefit them even more if they were to read over the weekends as well. While all of these skills will be worked on during class, it will be helpful to the students to transfer what they are learning at school to what they are doing at home. This year we will be learning about predictions, inferring, cause and effect, sequencing, main idea and detail, character traits, text features, authors purpose, context clues, decoding, comprehension, and summarizing. We will have several units, reading realistic fiction, fantasy, poetry, historical fiction, and non-ficition. We will also be looking at a variety of themes found within the books we are reading. Students will read a leveled book for each unit, completing tasks as they read.

Also, this year students will be learning Science. Students will learn about motion, the scientific method, electricity, magnets, moon phases, planets, Virginia's natural resources, cloud types, weather, the water cycle, watersheds, plants, important people, and chicks (as well as hatching chicks!). Students will be participating in the 4H program as well.

Another aspect of 4th Grade is the DARE program. This teaches kids wonderful strategies that they can use beyond school into their adult life. 



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