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Ms. Hughes

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Welcome to Ms. Hughes'

2nd Grade Class!


Ms. Hughes’ Behavior Expectations

Our year will be filled with many fun and exciting activities.  It is important that we use our best behavior at school to ensure we learn as much as possible.  In order to provide the best instructional environment, I need to insure no child infringes upon another child’s right to learn.  I firmly believe that lifelong success depends on self-discipline and development of life skills (responsibility, cooperation, respect, honesty, etc.)

Ms. Hughes’ Classroom Rules

1. Follow directions the first time they are given.
2. Raise your hand when you want to speak.
3. Keep your hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.
4. Use walking feet and quiet mouths in the building.
5. Always use kind and respectful words with classmates and adults.
Our classroom uses a “color clip chart” system for behavior.  Each student has his/her name on a clip/clothes pin.  All students will start out the day on the color green. If a student is going above and beyond expectations, then, they will be able to “clip up” the chart! Blue: Good Choices; Purple: Great Choices; Pink: Outstanding/Top of the Chart!  If a student does not follow the classroom rules or shows behavior that is unacceptable, the student may be required to move their clip to yellow as a “warning”.  Additional behavior issues will cause a child to move their clip to orange (“Time Out” Teacher will contact parent), and then, red (“STOP!” Teacher will contact parent/office).  Students on orange or red will miss part of their recess that afternoon.  Parents will be notified of any behavior issues through notes in agendas or phone calls.  

Agendas & Communication

  Your child will receive a student agenda on the first day of school.  This contains the Amelon Student Handbook and other important information. Please check your child’s agenda EVERY NIGHT for homework assignments, behavior notes, and other important school information.  After you have checked the agenda each night, please sign or initial on the date!  Also, you can leave notes for me in your child’s agenda or you can email me at:  

Weekly Newsletter

Newsletters are sent home on the first school day of every week.  (You will find this newsletter in your child’s “Take Home Folder”)  Weekly newsletters include spelling words, vocabulary words from our weekly stories, and other important information from our classroom.  This 
letter will let you know what students will be learning about in each subject area as well as any dates that you might need to know.
Feel free to email me anytime you have questions or concerns!  My email address is:  


Second grade homework activities are designed to support classroom learning.  Homework will be assigned Monday-Thursday.  Students will be asked to use the homework log that will be placed in the “Take Home” folder each week. We ask that parents or an adult help their child 
fill out the log and initial it daily.  (Please make sure your child does this, even if it is not written in their agenda!) Remember!  Please sign or initial your child’s agenda each night after homework is completed!  


For safety reasons any adult that wishes to attend or chaperone field trips, class events, or volunteer in any way, must be fingerprinted and a background check must be conducted.  Please call the School Board Office for times to have this done.

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