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Amelon...Keep Calm and use your THINKING MAPS!

Thinking Maps are for improving the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics as well as for problem-solving and the development of higher-order thinking abilities. A wealth of research and published articles supports the use of different types of Visual Tools generally, and Thinking Maps specifically. New brain research provides even greater insights into why most students perform better when using Thinking Maps.


  • Students learn more effectively and more efficiently
  • Objectives are covered in less time with greater retention
  • Thought processes are represented similarly throughout the curricula
  • Schools also promote integrated thinking and interdisciplinary learning
  • Teachers can easily gauge student knowledge prior to a specific lesson
  • Student performance can be tracked accurately over time
  • Students gain effective tools to use across their academic and working careers
  • Lifelong thinking tools






A tree map is an effective way to visually show the hierarchical nature of some types of information and how they relate to each other. The map gets its name from its branch-like appearance. It starts at a single point with the main classification.



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