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A Message from your Proud, Proud Principal

                                                           7-25-18   Est. 1964

                                          OFFICE OF THE PROUD, PROUD PRINCIPAL—JAY SALES

Dear parent,

     As I enter my 27th year as a Virginia public school educator, suffice it to say that this last school year—by far—has been my most enriching ever! That stated, the pressure is on to make this school year even better—so I need your help! First and foremost, commit to being an engaged participant in your child’s day-to-day school activities. Plan time to do homework and enrichment activities with them on a consistent basis, daily if possible. As well, incentivize. Create both short and long-term goals for the school year. No one knows what will motivate your child—and excite them—better than you.

     Plan to meet your child’s teachers during registration. Engage in a dialogue with them and exchange contact information—and communicate regularly! Plan to attend orientation and Back-To-School Night festivities! If you have questions, ask; if you have concerns, broach; if you want to share something positive, share; and if you want to tell your teacher how much you appreciate them—by all means do so! By any and all means necessary—communicate, communicate, communicate.

     Ensure that your child is in school every day. The Virginia Department of Education has revised the Standards of Accreditation to include attendance rate. Students who miss more than 10 percent of school days, excused or unexcused, will negatively impact the school’s attendance rate and its overall accreditation rate! It is possible that our school could pass all of its academic SOLs and still fail to be fully accredited because of a low attendance rate. Therefore, if your student is an out-of-zone student who misses seven or more days—he or she will be denied continuous enrollment and informed to return to his or her zoned school. Yes, this would impact both the current and upcoming school year if out of compliance. Come to school—every day. Please.

     The administrative team prides itself on both greeting each student daily and visiting each class to start the school day. Thus, formal conferences are not granted prior to 10 AM. Please be mindful of this as we attempt to ensure a safe, conducive to learning environment every day. You all hear me say it all the time: Amelon is the county’s best kept secret and I am extremely honored to serve as its proud, proud principal! I hope you have all had an enjoyable summer! Thank you in advance for yet another great, great school year! Just Like Family—Go, Bulldogs!

                                                                           JUST LIKE FAMILY

                                    Amelon Elementary School, 132 Amer Court, Madison Heights, VA 24572

                                               (434) 528-6498 {school phone}; (434) 929-1547 {school fax}

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