Amelon students are pictured creating art. Amelon students are pictured creating art. Amelon students are pictured creating art. Amelon students are pictured creating art. Amelon student and parents are pictured. Mrs Cardwell reads to Amelon students.

School Safety

Maintaining a safe and secure school building involves planning in five major categories:
 Prevention – actions schools take to prevent an emergency incident
 Protection – steps taken to secure schools against manmade or natural disasters and acts of violence
 Mitigation – actions taken to eliminate or reduce the loss of property and life by lessening the impact of an emergency
 Response – steps taken to stabilize an emergency once it has occurred
 Recovery – actions taken to restore the learning environment

To Protect Our Students With Allergies

Birthday celebrations at school must be limited to the birthday child.  Due to food allergies known and unknown and other medical conditions, treats for the entire class are not allowed.

We do this for the safety of all children and our staff members with the same allergies.

*This information can be found on page 10 of our Student Handbook in the front of the

Attention: CAR RIDERS

ACPS Attendance Zones and Bus Stops

ACPS has a new bus route program for you to check your attendance zone and bus stops!  Log on to the ACPS Website, click on Find it Here, then Find it Quickly!

Out of Zone

Due to the large enrollment of students in zone for Amelon, there will be no more OUT OF ZONE applications accepted after application period ends, May 1, 2015 - July 15, 2015.

We are already at capacity in most grades.

Thank you,

2015-2016 School Year is right around the corner!

Thursday, August 13th,1:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Student/Parent Open House

All Amelon children and parents are asked to attend.

Parents, there are required papers for you to fill out and you can meet your child's teacher!


Summer School 2015: Exploring Hidden Treasures


Our Amelon Bulldogs will explore many HIDDEN TREASURES daily as the 2015 program goes forth!

The students will be engaged in mathematics, reading, and writing daily. 

Also included in our schedule is an ENRICHMENT moment for students to explore higher level thinking skills!


FOCUS: SOLs begin Tuesday!

SOL Testing begins TOMORROW... Remember: • Be present on the day of the test • Be on time to school • Be well-rested • Eat a good breakfast (Breakfast will be provided free of charge to students on the mornings they take a test.)


We appreciate our Amelon Staff!


We appreciate our Amelon Teachers!


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