Amelon Elementary is pictured. Amelon Elementary is pictured.

McTeacher's Night at the Madison Heights McDonald's

Thank you so much for your support of McTeacher's Night!

We received a check for $1000 from the McDonald's Corporation.

McTeacher's Night at the Madison Heights McDonald's

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Keep Calm...and Put Your Thinking Maps On--last week: THE FLOW MAP

What happened? 

What is the sequence of events?

What are the substages?

Well, use your FLOW MAP and show what you know!




Keep Calm...and Put Your Thinking Maps On~The Brace Map


New phone system!

*Effective 9/12/2014 there is an automative system answering our phones.  No worries, you can still get in touch with us!  The system will indicate to press a number for the department you need to reach.



"2"-Guidance (Mrs. L. Walker)

"3"-Day Treatment

Amelon's New Administrative Assistant...Mrs. Copp!

Amelon is pleased to announce the addition of Mrs. Copp to our Administrative Team.  She is our new Administrative Assistant.  We welcome Mrs. Copp!



Amelon...Keep Calm and use your THINKING MAPS!

Thinking Maps are for improving the basics of reading, writing, and mathematics as well as for problem-solving and the development of higher-order thinking abilities. A wealth of research and published articles supports the use of different types of Visual Tools generally, and Thinking Maps specifically. New brain research provides even greater insights into why most students perform better when using Thinking Maps.

Amelon...Keep Calm and use your THINKING MAPS!

This week we are working on THE BUBBLE MAP!  This map is used to describe, use vivid language, use your five senses, qualities, attributes, characteristics, and properties...remember ADJECTIVES ONLY!  This map will help students build a rich vocabulary.

Practice a Bubble Map at home and let the THINKING begin!

Thinking Maps

Visit our source of information:

Amelon...Keep Calm and use your THINKING MAPS!

The Thinking Maps® model program consists of eight maps that correspond with fundamental thinking processes. The Circle Map is used for defining in context; the Bubble Map, describing with adjectives; the Flow Map, sequencing and ordering; the Brace Map, identifying part/whole relationships; the Tree Map, classifying/grouping; the Double Bubble Map, comparing and contrasting; the Multi-Flow Map, analyzing causes and effects; and the Bridge Map, seeing analogies.


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