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Mrs. Bondy

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Classes Taught: 
3rd Grade Language Arts (Reading, Spelling, English, Writing), Math, Science, & Social Studies

Welcome to Mrs. Bondy's Class!!!


Important Reminders!!!! 

  • If you would like to assist in the school this year or attend/chaperone our field trip, you must be fingerprinted!!  Make sure to do this soon if you think you will be participating!

Our third grade English curriculum is aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning and the Amherst County Pacing Guide.  In addition to weekly spelling tests and reading quizzes, every 3 weeks there will be a Benchmark Section test in reading, and a Benchmark writing test at the end of the nine weeks. Our third grade English SOL test is cumulative (K-3) and is administered in the spring.



Reading instruction is delivered through a mix of trade books and use of the textbook series, Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt Journeys. There is a four-block model for balanced literacy which is utilized to deliver instruction. The Reading Block involves whole group read alouds, shared reading, and reading in small groups at individual levels. This is a time for independent reading of self-selected material and related activities. Targeted instructional support programs are also offered to students who benefit from extra small group instruction. All of this is achieved through a daily rotation of literacy centers! The underlying premise embedded in the curriculum philosophy is to teach students to read. The love of reading is the challenge and goal!


Word Study

Word study incorporates spelling, phonics, and vocabulary development. It is a differentiated group activity. Primary grades study high frequency words and pattern words. Students work on differentiated word study contracts daily.



Comprehension includes both shared and guided reading. Shared reading is generally a whole class activity with a high level of teacher support. Shared reading involves problem-solving and supported reading. Reading is usually done in small groups with less teacher support and more student control of text. Guided reading gives teachers an opportunity to see if students are applying the strategies taught in shared reading.


Fluency and Independent Reading

Fluency instruction may be whole group, small group, or individual instruction. Fluent readers are able to focus more attention on comprehension. Independent reading helps students to become fluent readers by providing time during the school day for them to practice reading. Students choose and read books within their reading levels. Independent reading time provides teachers an opportunity to meet individually and with small groups of students to discuss their progress in reading. The Accelerated Reader program is an off-shoot of fluency and independent reading. A.R. encourages individual students to achieve monthly goals by reading independently and then taking a computerized self-assessment.


Mrs. Bondy’s Objectives

1. To instill a lifelong interest and love for reading in every child.

2. To guide all students toward mastery of SOLs.

3. To develop students’ strengths and reach each child’s needs with differentiated instruction.  

4. To create daily opportunities for real-life application of knowledge.

5. To provide stepping stones toward independence.

6. To encourage lifelong learning.



Our behavior system in class is an online program called classdojo.  Each student will make a monster that will have his/her name.  Students may earn points throughout the school day for following directions, completing work, and following school rules.  Students may also lose points for not following rules.  At the end of the week students who have earned  the goal number of points will get to choose a prize.  (treasure box, homework pass, eat lunch with a friend, etc.) I will send home a registration login in Monday folders so you can set up your parent account and receive updates about your child's behavior.   

GREAT websites to visit:

Virginia Department of Education- This site provides to direct access to SOLs, released test items, and other vital information for your child’s education.

Write Me a Story-Try your writing skills, share your imagination, read fun stories, and maybe even get published on the Internet!

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries - Mysteries to solve, scary stories, and magic tricks!

Guys ReadA boy is a very different kind of child than a girl, and we've noticed that they enjoy reading very different books! This site has lots of great books recommended especially for boys.

Book It! -This website has information about the Book It! reading program sponsered by our partnership with Pizza Hut, as well as resources, reading tips, and activities for parents and children!!

ARBookFinder- This website lets you look up books to see if they are in the Accelerated Reader database. Use this if your child is reading a personal book that they would like to take an AR quiz on! 

Spelling City-  Free, fun site that allows them to practice, play games, and take their test!  Just upload the spelling words for the week!

Epic! -This website is a HUGE library of digital resources including books, magazines, and educational videos!  The books are online, and most have a "read to me" option as well!  The app can be downloaded to any device or accessed on a computer!  To sign up, use our classroom code:  JAM-0063

Language Arts Weekly Homework

Monday-Thursday-Read your AR book for at least 15 minutes, get your agenda signed, study spelling words


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