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Miss Tilley

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Science and Mathematics

Welcome to Miss Tilley's Third Grade!

I am so excited to get to know and teach your child this year!


Miss Tilley's Daily Schedule

8:40-9:05 Morning Work

9:05-10:00 Math

10:00-10:45 Resource

10:45-11:50 Science

11:50-12:35 Reading/Writing/Word Study

12:35-1:05: Lunch

1:05-2:25: Reading/Writing/Word Study

2:25-2:55 Social Studies

2:55-3:20 Recess

3:20-3:45 Read Aloud Program (RAP)


Homework Folders and Agendas

Every night, students will bring home their homework folders and agendas.  Students will typically have homework from Monday- Thursday during the week.  I try not to give homework on the weekends. Students are responsible for writing their homework for the night in their agenda. Please sign it each night so that I know you have seen it.  Agendas are also a great way to communicate, so please look for additional notes in your child's agenda. 


Monday Folders

Every monday, students will bring home their monday folder, which will contain graded homework, a newsletter from 3rd grade, and additional Amelon information.  Please ask your child for it every monday so that you can see the progress that they have made and check for additional information. All graded work must stay at home and the monday folder should be returned on Tuesday. 


SOL and Assessment Information

Third grade is the first year for SOL testing and this occurs in May.  This gives the students the opportunity to show what they have learned from grades K-3. It is very important that every student, caregiver, and teacher take this seriously.  We all want your child to succeed.  Together, we can make that happen.


3rd Nine Weeks (January-March)

Math- During the third nine weeks, students will be learning their multiplication/division 6-9s, their plane and solid geometric shapes, and fractions.  

Science- During the second nine weeks, students will learn about matter, the water cycle, and elements of soil. 


How can you help?

I have had a lot of parents ask me how they can help their child this year.  This is how you can help..... randomly quizzing your child with basic addition/subtraction/multiplication facts can help them tremendously.  Also, giving your child "real life" problems to solve throughout the day is a huge help to their critical thinking skills. If you would like to give your child some additional practice problems or videos to watch... a great website for that is 


Always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Ms. Tilley








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