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Mrs. Williams

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Classes Taught: 
Grade 4 Math & Science

     Welcome to fourth grade!  I am Mrs. Williams. I have worked at Amelon for many years and I am glad to be a part of the Amelon family.  Mrs. Burks and I are working together teaching our fourth grade students and we are looking forward with you.  We believe that we make a great team!  

     I am primarily responsible for teaching fourth grade math and science to my homeroom class and Mrs. Burks's homeroom students. Mrs. Burks teaches language arts to both of our homerooms. I teach my homeroom students Virginia Studies.

     Fourth grade students will be tested in math, reading, and Virginia Studies on the state SOL test. We give assessments each nine weeks to monitor our  students' progress and help them learn testing strategies.


I have many websites and links listed below that you or your child can visit to practice and review content.  

SOL Test Practice Review (on line) 

It is important for your child to be fluent in math facts for multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction.  I will not give a lot of worksheets for homework to review these skills. You can quiz your child using flash cards, calling out math facts, or if you have access to the Internet using the various websites below.  Give your child computation math problems to practice at home. Fourth graders need to know how to add and subtract six-digit numbers, multiply whole numbers (up to 3-digits x 2-digits), and divide single digit numbers into 3-digit dividends.  Give your child  word problems to solve to improve their critical thinking skills.  Students are given single and multi-step word problems on the VA SOL test.

Math Curriculum and Pacing

Math Websites

*All students will be enrolled in this year.

(Use this for daily practice in math fact fluency. Each student has a code and I can print another copy of it with the instructions for home usage so that their progress is noted at home and school.)

Front Row (we use this as a center in math sometimes)


We do have a school account for this site so do not purchase a membership to this site.


Multiplication Strategies:

NW 1:  Review basic multiplication and division facts. Practice skip counting. games

Multiplication self-checking quizzes

Divison Games

Place Value of Whole Numbers & Decimals

Place value hockey game

Place Value Games

Math fact songs:

Multiply by 8

Multiply by 6

Multiply by 3

NW 2

Turtlehead Method

Lattice Multiplication

Long divison song (Ho Hey) 

Division Box Method/ Short division

NW3 : Fractions

Interactive Fraction Tiles

sheppard software

Ordering fractions on a Number Line


NW4: Geometry and Measurement

Math Antics Geometric Terms

Numberock Type of Lines


Grade four science is not tested this year as a SOL test but the information taught this year will be tested in fifth grade. We have fun conducting experiments and learning about science.

Science Websites

SOL Review Games and Interactive Games

Clouds and Weather Information (NW3)

Phases of the Moon and Solar System (NW2)

Phases of the Moon Song

Moon Match Game

Cloud Tutorial

Solar System Rap


Virginia_outline_map.jpgVA Studies

This year students will learn about the geography of Virginia, the state's history from the cultures of its native peoples, and the founding of Jamestown to the present.

We have enjoy watching podcasts and using the interactive activities from the Virginia Trekkers.

Jack Jouett podcast Virginia Trekkers

Who was Ann Burras? (women in Jamestown 1608)

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