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Mrs. Grieser

434-528-6498 ext. 21807
Classes Taught: 
Title I Reading: 1st Grade & 5th Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Grieser's Page!

 This year I am working with first grade and fifth grade at Amelon.    

I work daily with classroom teachers to plan and teach the VA English (Reading) SOLs.  Click here to see the First Grade or Fifth Grade English SOLs.                                                                

I am excited to work with your child this year on the following literacy components:

·        Reading:  Reading books on your child's instructional and independent reading level

·        Word Study: Sorting words by their patterns  (Please look for a list of picture and/or word cards coming home each week.  Please help your child sort the cards the way we have learned to in class.)

·        High Frequency Word vocabulary: Many of these words are read by sight.  In first grade, your child will bring his/her "word ring" home nightly for review of the words we are working on in class.  Here are lists of the Dolch High Frequency words used in kindergarten and first grades:

Dolch PrePrimer High Frequency Words (many are introduced in Kindergarten)

Dolch Primer High Frequency Words 

Dolch 1st Grade High Frequency Words      

Dolch 2nd Grade High Frequency Words

·        Comprehension: Understanding what is read.  We are working this year to incorporate 7 main strategies to help with comprehension.  

·        Fluency: Reading with speed and accuracy (In first grade, I will send home books nightly for rereading.)

·        Writing

     The county has developed benchmarks for students to work towards meeting each nine weeks.  Click here to see the first grade and fifth grade reading benchmarks.   

Here are lists of more suggested activites and your role as a parent/guardian with your beginning reader (1st grade) or instructional reader (5th grade).  This will also be sent home with your child's educational profile in September 2018.

I strongly encourage you to READ and WRITE daily with your child to help reinforce sight words, comprehension, fluency, and to help your child become more confident in the writing process.

Here is a copy of our Title I Parental Involvement Policy for the 2018-19 school year.

TOGETHER we can help your child reach his/her full potential in the learning process and become a more confident, successful reader!  



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